Thursday, February 21, 2008

Texas Cowboys meet New Jersey Cowboy in New Mexico...

On the trip home to Pecos, Texas, from our family reunion in Arizona, TnT decided that we would stop at the next trading post. We were in New Mexico with Las Cruces just ahead.

This picture shows Travis putting a halter on Oakley and Tony is watching Cody and Jesse to make sure they don't harrass the cattle.

As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed a lady leading a horse that had been ridden hard. Travis and Tony knew instantly who the horse belonged to. It turns out that they had missed this New Jersey cowboy when he rode through Pecos, Texas, a couple of weeks earlier. He had stopped at their friends' feedstore and they had missed him by a couple of minutes.

Miles Dean is a New Jersey teacher on a 6,000 mile trek across the states. Starting in New York and working his way west to California, Miles rides one of two horses from camp to camp, switching every 10 miles, traveling about 40 miles a day in the saddle. It is his dream to build an awareness of what the African American cowboys, explorers, trailblazers, horsewomen, Black Indians and more contributed to the history of our nation. Interesting took him 40 days to get across Texas!

A freelance photographer, Ben Fredman, was on assignment for the Albuquerque Star-Ledger newspaper. Miles asked Ben to take a picture of him between Tony and Travis. Ben took several pictures of TnT as they talked "cowboy" with Miles Dean. I had the pleasure of talking with Karen and "Sonny", a Mountain Saddle Horse. Horse sitting in Upstate New York is her regular "job" and taking care of horses is nothing new to this horsewoman.

Since we were coming home from our family reunion, the CF card on my camera was full. Unfortunately. Follow the links to see these pictures and let Miles Dean and Ben Fredman know that Mustang 'n' Cowboys sent ya!

I found this You Tube Video you might find interesting!

Janey Loree in Pecos, Texas

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Anonymous said...

That is so neat! What a great day for them. I think TnT are the luckiest people I know.


Anthony Fisher said...

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by MnC!

Janey Loree in Pecos, Texas!

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