Tuesday, September 26, 2006

DAY FOUR... Woke up around 6:00am and heated a couple cans of beans and some coffee for breakfast. While we were cooking the beans, we turned all the horses out to graze again. After they had been out about 20 minutes, Maggey decided to go for a stroll south of camp. Her constant companion, Belle decided to follow her. While I watched to make sure the beans wouldn't burn, Trav headed out after them on foot. He got around in front of them after they went about 200 yards. While he was out rounding up our wayward stock, I put the beans on a rock close to the fire and went out and collected the boys. After washing the dishes we poured a cup of coffee and went for a walk down the river. When we returned to camp we climbed the rock wall, that was west of our camp, about 200 ft., and sat on a ledge for about 45 minutes, to watch the sun creep down into the meadow. Upon reaching good old terra firma we dragged some logs into camp to use as seats. After moving the logs, we shook the dirt from our bed rolls and reset them. We then changed into clean clothes and headed down to the river to wash out dirty clothes. We found a log, that had fallen across the stream, to sit on and dipped our clothes in the water. We discovered that using a handful of gravel to scrub the jeans worked really good. After hanging our clothes to dry we grabbed the boys and led them out to graze for about 40 minutes, with a watering before and after. After retying the boys we did the same for the girls. We gathered some more wood for the fire. Decided to try and make some cowboy potatoes tonight. After packing the panniers, we crawled into bed. Tony
Got up at 6:00am and turned the horses out to eat. We had beans and coffee for breakfast. After that we climbed the rock ledge west of the camp to about 200 feet and found a nice spot to watch the sun hit our campsite. After about 45 minutes we came down and dragged some logs over for a seat. Before going up the rock we grabbed a cup of coffee and searched the area down creek. Crossed a tree that had fallen over the river, walked along the bank for a while and came to where the water was traveling over large flat rocks. Then we cleaned out our bed rolls, went down to the creek, washed up, came back and changed into some clean clothes and went back to the creek to wash our clothes. For about an hour and a half we whittled on some wood. Tony made a cross and fastened it together with braided grass rope. It's about noon now so we took the boys over to get some water and then fed them for about 40 minutes and them took them back for some more water. While they were grazing, we saw a couple of hikers, but they didn't see us. We did the same for the girls and saw some more hikers and yet again they didn't see us. Gathered our clothes off the line and put them away. Gathered some firewood and got ready for dinner. We had cowboy potatoes and coffee for dinner then cleaned the dishes, fed the horses and packed our gear for tomorrow's trip to Wilbur May Lake by way of Silver Pass. While I was cooking potatoes a coyote walked pass our camp at the base of the rocks to our west. After we ate, a Forest Ranger came up to our camp and asked where we were going and said we did a good job picking out our campsite. Travis


Sheila said...

I don't know how long I could eat beans for breakfast. Ha. I am continuing to enjoy the journey.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Sheila, I think they taste better on the trail! Travis lost 15 lbs. and Tony 25 lbs. on this trip!

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