Wednesday, September 20, 2006

DAY TWO... For the most part an uneventful night. I did have to get up and hobble Belle, to keep her from pawing all night. There was a layer of dust on everything this morning as a result of her
This picture is blurred, but it is proof that Travis cooked breakfast! pawing. We had scrambled eggs & bacon, and coffee for breakfast. All in all...not bad. After watering and feeding the horses we decided to try a little fishing.
I tried a kastmaster on my fishing pole and it got a couple of bites before I lost it on the rocks. I then switched to the fly pole and tried
several different flys before going back to my regular pole. I have found that the native cricket is very successful for fishing . I caught one small brown trout about 6 to 7 inches long, and had three to four on the line that fell off when they broke water. I lost our skeeter repellant somewhere. After we returned to camp we had a lunch of jerky, and played rummy. Around 12pm, we let all four horses graze for about 40 minutes. After which we returned to the river and walked barefoot across it, moving all the large rocks so that when we led the horse's back across it would be easier on them. We walked barefoot back to camp and spent about 45 minutes to an hour throwing our knives and Trav's tomahawk in to a chunk of dead wood. Between 2pm and 3pm we stretched out and took a short nap. After feeding the horses and watering them, we sat down to a dinner of hashbrowns and summer sausage. Tomorrow we head for Pocket Meadow. I'll write again then. Tony

Woke up at 6:00am, started a fire and tied the horses where they could eat while we ate breakfast. We had bacon & eggs for breakfast with a pot of coffee, which tasted real good this morning. After the dishes were done and the horses tied back up, we broke out the fishing poles, tied some flies on and headed out to the creek. Didn't catch anything on flies, but caught a couple on grasshoppers. Had some jerky for lunch, fed the horses and watered them.
There was a fallen tree on the west side of our rock strewn meadow, where we grabbed a chunk of tree hide that had been ripped off by a bear, (at least that is what we think happened) to use as a target for knife throwing. At first I wasn't doing so good. Long time out of practice, but after an hour, I was doing pretty good. Went barefoot into the creek and cleared a smooth path across. Then we took a nap and was awakened by a large gust of wind in the treetops. Fed the horses and watered them. Cleaned up the camp for tomorrows' departure. Had potatoes & sausage for dinner. Travis

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