Friday, November 17, 2006

Katy's 5 at 5 days...

The puppies are five days old in the filmstrip pictures...
Katy's puppies at 4 days old in the picture below. You can see Sugar Bear under Katy's nose, and see the huge difference in size from the rest of the puppies. The coloring on the puppies changed, too. At first they looked more brindle coated. From left to right we have: black male (he sleeps a lot away from his sisters), black female back to back with dark brown and black female, dark brown and white female, and light tan and black female. Katy is cleaning Sugar Bear. It looks like we might have a home for two of the puppies already! As you can see in comparing the picture in the last post with this one, the puppies are almost identical. Katy is getting a name for herself for having puppies that mind very well. They end up looking more like "Desert Papa", but have Katy's mind set. No one has ever been able to get close enough to Desert Papa to catch him.

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