Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Training Lucky - Day 1...

TnT are putting thirty days of training on this 3 year old gelding named "Lucky", a Quarter Horse Paint. Lucky is ridable, but his owner, John, wants him ironed out a little. The guys like to do round pen work to see where a horse is at. What he knows and more importantly what he doesn't know, so that they can work on those areas.
The first picture shows Tony working with Lucky to come to him when he is free of halter or bridle. Lucky is smart and right away caught on that he needed to pay attention to Tony, instead of checking out the cars going by on the road! He bucked and kicked a little at his first command from Tony, but he soon decided that he got more praise when he did what was asked of him.
In the second picture, Tony found Lucky to be a little head shy.
It took just a few minutes to convince Lucky that he didn't need to freak out over Tony's hand moving around his head.
In the third picture, Lucky is working on the end of a short lunge line. (Doesn't it look like a white horse is running next to Lucky?) In the last picture, Lucky may be out of the round pen watching Oakley in training, but, he is learning to stand still. He did very well on his first day!

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