Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Going back to the beginning with Cahlibur and Coal...

Looking through some old paperwork, I found an email dated Tue. 25 Sep 2001 12:46:28 that was written to TnT's paternal Grandmother and Grandfather. In the email, I am letting them know how TnT are doing with their new mustangs! Here it is in its entirety:

Tony and Travis are doing great! They have been working with their mustangs every chance they get! Tony's mustang still does not have his halter back on and we are waiting for the BLM Wrangler to come back out with a portable squeeze chute*. In the mean time Coal is starting to follow Tony around, even when they moved him to a larger pen down by the arena! Coal is used to the stock trailer and Tony can sit right next to his feed bin and water while Coal eats. Tony was just tell me this morning that he can put his hat down in Coal's feed with an alfalfa pellet in it and Coal will eat the pellet without jerking his head and Tony can put his hand down in the feed bin and in the water with only a little fussing! Little victories, a little improvement at a time, and when we finally get a halter back on Coal, we will start seeing big improvements just like with Travis' mustang!!

With each step Travis has only to work with Caliber a little bit and he does it. There has been no bucking and Travis is now riding Caliber down to the round pen to do the ground work, and last night he rode down and worked with Coal a little! Travis is letting Tony ride Caliber in the round pen and help him with reining and driving!

Both guys registered with Selective Service when they turned eighteen and if the President and Congress vote for a draft this year only Travis will be drafted, because he turned 20 this year. However, Tony stated that if Travis is drafted he is going to volunteer. If they go off to war it will be the hardest trial of my life! I have tried to leave them in the palm of God's hand all these years...

Take care of yourselves and God Bless America!!!

Love, Janey Loree & TnT

You may have noticed that this email is dated 2 weeks after 9/11. *The BLM Wrangler came back without a portable squeeze chute. However, he gave Tony some excellent pointers on getting a halter back on Coal. A couple of days later, Tony had two halters back on Coal and the adventure continued!

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Sharon Lynne said...

Hey Cousin!

The mustangs have come a long way!

That's a good place to keep your boys--in the palm of God's hand!

I hope things are going well as you prepare and look forward to participating in the "Equine Experience"!

Rising Rainbow said...

It's interesting to look back sometimes to see how far we've really come. Thanks for the window.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Newly found Cousin! I have a tendency to gather them right back and worry and fuss over them! I leave in the morning ready or not!! Today will be very busy!!!

Hi rising rainbow! Time flies when you having fun and especially when you work with horses!! Right!!!

With getting ready for Equine Experience I am missing out on everyone's blogs. I will get over to see what I have been missing out on when I get back to the shoppe!

Midlife Mom said...

I stumbled onto your blog today and really like it! I am reading your past blogs and getting caught up so I know who is who. I have five horses that keep me busy but love hearing about other peoples horses. Nice blog! Come by and visit my guys sometime.

Janey Loree said...

Welcome Midlife Mom! I am going to Equine Experience this weekend, but when I get back I will get busy with my blog reading again. I have missed out on so much getting ready!

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