Saturday, March 17, 2007

Update on Lucky's Training...

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The pictures in this slideshow are bits and pieces of pictures taken through Lucky's training.
With the nice weather that we have been experiencing here in the San Joaquin Valley, TnT (Travis and Tony) have been able to get more training days in on Lucky. I have gathered together some pictures of Lucky that didn't make the other posts.

A couple of days ago I headed to the corrals after running to the bank. At the highway I found Travis riding Lucky along side the highway doing some desensitizing of Lucky's fear of "big rigs". The night before Tony had started the process and Travis was following up on this stage of his training. When Lucky was first introduced to the traffic he shivered, shook and bolted a couple of times! TnT both turn Lucky into a circle and wait for the next 18 Wheeler.

I pulled up next to Tony's Truck and got out to sit with him in the back of the truck. As we sat there watching Travis and Lucky walk up and down the highway, the afternoon sun beat down on us. Tony set his cowboy hat on my head and that's when I found out the real reason for wearing cowboy hats! Besides acting as a sunblock, the temperature under his hat was at least 10 degrees cooler!!

By now we were gathering a crowd, the president of the Franklin Field Horsemen's Association stopped to watch a little before he had to go meet a friend, and then Lucky's owner, John pulled up to see how his "boy" was doing! By now, Lucky was walking up and down the highway not worried one wit about the cars or 18 wheelers as they sped on by! A car of guys drove by yelling out something about "nice horse!" or something to that effect!

Well, it was time to get back to the stables to clean pens. As Travis and Lucky headed down the side of the street back to the stables, John noticed that Lucky was relaxed and was "stepping out" as he sauntered along!

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Sharon Lynne said...

Lucky seems to learn fast! Or maybe its the excellent trainers :)

It's interesting how something big and scary--like a big rig--can actually benefit Lucky, by making him more confident, and in the end--allow him a broader experience. He can go more places!

And as humans--maybe the big scary things in our lives will help us to gain confidence and strength.

Janey Loree said...

A big part of the learning process is the horses' willingness to learn! The next pictures of Lucky will show him meeting a big rig face to face!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like Lucky is really coming along. Wish I could say the same about my newly started stock, but then working with them seems to be a required part of coming along and I've not seen any of that this winter. Sure hope our weather turns around soon.

Janey Loree said...

Just when we thought get weather was ahead, it turned cold and rainy!! The horses are not getting worked as much as they do during the summer. I shouldn't complain about the rain...we won't see a drop this summer!

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