Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Daffina's Evaluation...

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TnT took Daffinah to the round pen to evaluate where she was in the training process. It was very evident that her first 4 1/2 years were not wasted. She is very friendly, trusting, and is very eager to learn! She tends to not stop running when she doesn't have a halter and long lead rope attached, but that will change.

Tony worked her in the round pen as Travis looked on from the side rails. She did not mind me taking pictures from different places along the rails. She was alert and kept her attention on Tony and tried very hard to do everything that he asked of her!

As you can see in the series of photos where the rope is wrapped around behind Daffinah, she showed that she gives well to pressure, turning as she is directed through the rope. She wasn't too happy with the rope when it was tossed around her head at first, but again in no time at all she acted like the rope wasn't there. Daffinah is a very sweet mare!

TnT will work her each day to build up her stamina for training. The first day she got very sweaty, but we can blame most of that to new surroundings, new people around her, and her eagerness or nervousness as she tries to please.

My favorite picture is of the closeup of Daffinah with Tony showing up right above her ears!!!

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