Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Impromptu Barbecue...

With the coming of summer weather, TnT will be spending more time over at the stables! This means more time with the horses and more training time!!! While feeding our five horses this morning, I had a great idea...let's have a barbecue over at the stables tonight!!! Nothing fancy just an excuse to stay over with the horses longer! Well see, it may work out better to have it tomorrow!

This spring and summer TnT will continue the training on my Quarter horse mare, Oakley. She needs a lot of wet saddle blankets (for those of you who are not familiar with this term it just means she needs lots of hours of riding to establish the training already invested in her). Travis will step up the training on Clancey now that he is two, and Tony will be training Belle! And they will finish up with Lucky so that John can start riding with them.

I set this post in draft form waiting to add a picture, and now I sit here with a full tummy! We had our impromptu barbecue that consisted of wieners, brats, and sausage!! Yummy!!! The guys took there small barbecue pit over, set up a wind break, and cooked supper while we sat in front of Oakley and Belles' pens. I stopped by Dari Delite to order Jumbo Dr. Pepper's for the guys and a Jumbo Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper for me. The guys picked up Kettle "Honey Dijon" chips that tasted very good!

Lucky's owner John joined us without his wife Sheila because she was working a 12 hour shift. (When you read this Sheila, you are invited next time we
barbecue!) Then John's friend John stopped by as did Jan and Vicki. (Jan and Vicki, you are invited next time, too!)

The picture I chose is my favorite one of Rusty! I was only 3 feet away eating my hotdog, sausage and brat and he was dreaming of catching a rabbit or squirrel!! Both Rusty and Kate have never been fed human food, so they contentedly slept in the back of the truck while we enjoyed our

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Midlife Mom said...

I LOVE the picture of Rusty! It is just adorable! You made my mouth water talking about your bar b que goodies, I think I will fire up the grill tonight on the back deck but will have to do it with snow coming down AGAIN! We just can't seem to get rid of the stuff! My horses are still shedding but still have a long way to go but maybe they are holding on due to all this snow we are still getting. Will sure be glad when they are sleek and clean again. No baths in the wintertime.

jan said...

What a great way to welcome spring with a barbeque with people you enjoy being with. Oh, and Rusty, of course. Great picture.

I can finally comment here without being thrown off the page. yay

Callie said...

I dream of the barb-b-q days. If I was to do that today, we'd be standing in 6 inches of new snow from yesterday.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Ladies! We have decided that we will be doping more of these impromptu barbecues!!!

Midlife Mom ~ I am waiting for bath time too! In all the pictures I have taken this winter the horses either have mud or manure on them.

Jan ~ I am glad that you came back to comment!

Callie ~ Maybe the barbecuing would melt the snow! Jusat kidding! I hope your spring warms up fast.

Naomi said...

We're just entering the bbq season here in England. You made me feel hungry reading this post. Love the photo of Rusty sleeping. He looks so peaceful and cute.

Naomi said...

P.S. Forgot to say don't forget to add my link to M'n'C's register Janey. I put a link to Mustang and Cowboys on mine. Thanks a lot

Sharon Lynne said...

How did I miss this post?

Sounds so fun and delicious!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Naomi! We should have named Rusty...Lazy Bones. Even if he is almost the fastest when chasing a rabbit, squirrel or dirt bike! Otherwise, he is content to lay in the shade somewhere close...

I have you added to PJ's Paper Doll Cut Outs and didn't realize that you where not on MnC's Register...will add you this morning!!!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Cousin! I came out to the workshoppe early so that I could run by your blog and Gatekeepers!! Had cousin company for a few days and got behind on my blog reading, visiting and posting!!!

Summitt For Circuit City's new "FireDog"!

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