Monday, April 23, 2007

Lucky herding horses...

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It was time for Lucky to go into the turn-out pen and move among the other horses. Tony saddled him up and rode out into the field to work him a little before going in with our little herd. While Tony was putting Lucky through his paces, Travis took the horses over to the turn-out pen one at a time. First Clancey, then Cahlibur, Coal, Belle, and Oakley.

I love this still picture of Miss Katy following Travis (as he readies a piece of twine to put around the mares necks to move them to run with the boys), Belle and Oakley are in the pen behind Travis, and Coal, Clancey, and Cahlibur are running in the pen in the background with Mt. Pinos behind them.

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Becky said...

What a beautiful day! Did it rain, or have a nice wind? The sky's so blue you can see the far-off mountains really clear. Miss you guys, and naturally I send all of my love to you & family from stinky ol' Orange County. :)

Sharon Lynne said...

I enjoyed the pictures! Miss Katy looks like a good helper!

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