Sunday, May 20, 2007

Driving Daffinah...

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After a family barbeque on Mother's Day, TnT and I headed over to the stables to work Daffinah and attend a FFHA general meeting. I took my usual place to take pictures as Travis readied Daffinah for driving. He took a piece of twine and tied the stirrups together so that when he ran the driving reins through them from the bridle, they would not flop around.

Daffinah fussed a little about having the reins laying against the back of her legs, but other than that she did really good! She gives well to pressure and this along with the fact that she is eager to learn make her training sessions a delight!

Travis worked her in both directions and called it a good session after she did a couple of rounds without tossing her head. Driving a horse is a great way to teach them reining and giving to pressure. When Travis was putting Daffinah up, Michelle showed up and we got to talk with her for a few minutes before the meeting started. Michelle used to have a horse stabled here and it is her families' ranch where TnT have been working cattle.

All in all this was a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

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