Friday, May 18, 2007

Lucky's Desert 'n' Party Training...

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The first four pictures are when Travis was first working with Lucky to lay down. I missed the first time Travis got Lucky to lay down...but Lucky's owner John did not! I will need to get Travis to lay Lucky down so that I can get some pictures!!

The next three pictures were taken by Tony on a ride out into the desert. Tony rode Coal and Travis rode Lucky. I've included a still picture that Travis took of Tony and Coal up on a bluff.

The last four pictures were taken at John's Surprise Birthday Party a couple of weeks ago. (Sheila, you did a great job surprising your husband! It was a stupendous idea to have the party down at the stables where Lucky could be there, too!) John 's daughter and granddaughter got to ride Lucky! Then Trav rode him out a little to show what Lucky could do and then John took his turn riding his own horse!!!

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Sharon Lynne said...

Travis did a great job on that picture! Tony and Coal look like they're starring in an exciting western movie.

Sharon Lynne said...

The pictures show a lot of action and make us all feel that we are right there with you--watching the training and the rides!

Janey Loree said...

I know what you mean CB, I love the pictures the guys take!!!

Midlife Mom said...

I love that still picture that you put in. Very, very nice! I agree with sharon lynne it looks like a picture from a western movie.

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