Sunday, June 03, 2007

Daffinah's 1st Bath...

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On the same day that the saddle slipped under Daffinah's belly, she was given her first bath! She was a little skittish when Tony first turned on the water, but calmed down to the point of looking a little bored with the whole process. The horses on her row were giving her moral support...Rocket (the sorrel) from behind, while Faith (the paint) and Wyatt (the draft cross) cheered on from behind the trees!

At first Daffinah spun around on the end of the lead rope, but after a few minutes she settled down to stand right next to Tony as he proceeded to spray her legs, back, tail and neck. She decided that it was kinda nice having Tony hold the water so that she could get a drink and didn't fuss at all when he starting running the water over her face. Tony decided to end the bath before putting the water over her ears so that he could put Daffinah back in her pen on a good note!

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Midlife Mom said...

Hey she did really well for a first bath! Sometimes they really wig out. My little rescue pony is still very nervous when I bathe him but he is doing better all of the time. You just can't touch his ears at all. I think the previous abusive owner twisted his ears when trying to make him do something. So sad some of the things he had to go through but he has the good life now and I have total patience with him. Thanks for stopping by and seeing T. on her favorite pony. She just loves him to pieces. He has Cushing disease so we are always on the watch for changes in him. He is on meds for it so hopefully that will keep him going for a long time. He is about 9 years old now.

jan said...

This is just adorable. I've never seen a first bath quite like this.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow that really was a big day for her. She's handling things really well.

Janey Loree said...

Maybe it show be called a first shower!! Thanks for stopping by ladies. Daffinah has done extremely well!!!

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