Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July Celebration...

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The servers over at Picture Trail are experiencing a temporary hiccup and just as soon as they cure this one, I will add a slideshow of the pictures I took at the 4th of July Celebration...UPDATE ~ Slideshow added!!!

We had a wonderful time on the 4th over at the stables! It was very hot, barely in the triple digits at 100 degrees, feeling so much hotter than that though! About 55 people showed up to share food, conversation and the heat while we waited for the fireworks show that would brighten the sky above the park. There were a few who stayed close to their horses and some that didn't make it out to the stables. I tried to get around and talk with everyone.

I was disappointed that only four people went out on the trail ride, but it was extremely hot. Travis rode Fancy, Tony started out on Coal, Kayla rode Lucky and Kayla's mom rode Pumpkin (Kayla's mare). We could see them on the horizon as they rode up to the palm. Lucky fussed around a little too much, so Tony switched horses with Kayla and had him straightened out by the time they got back to the stables.

Scott Rice came out early to set up in the new round pen with his barbecue grills and smokers, and Leah Mayfield and Jann Hardy were my "angels of mercy" as they stepped right up and helped set up and tear down the food tables!! Scott did an excellent job on the tri-tip (Larry), the hamburger patties (Leah), hot dogs (Jim & Carrie Henshaw), corn on the cob (Kerrie and Chief) and even had a platter of hot peppers and onions that he said would separate the men from the boys!!! A few of us decided without even tasting them that we would fit in the "boys" category! And as a special treat there was a sampler platter with many different flavors on hamburger patties, brats and pork! There was plenty of food and drinks to share with those who didn't get a chance to bring anything.

When we stepped up to the tables, we had many decisions to make! Watermelon, honey dew melon, cantaloupe, calico sweet beans, chili beans in three different flavors, potato salad, cornbread, stuffed peppers, cake, banana pudding (to die for with fresh strawberries and blackberries on top!), jello jigglers, sliced lettuce, tomatoes and onions (both white and red), and a cake decorated like an American Flag that Sheila Horn baked! It was hot enough for the teenagers to have a water war, even though some took refuge beside the sleeping baby and my camera so they could rest!!! Coal, Cahlibur, Belle and Oakley hung their heads over their rails for attention and received some watermelon rind for their efforts! Several people had to leave early, Tony among them, to get to work or beat the car traffic after the fireworks.

I didn't get too many pictures of the fireworks, because they were not as crisp as I wanted them, but I chose 4 of the best to share with you. I hope that everyone had a great 4th and would like to thank everyone for bringing food and drinks (and yourselves) and for braving the heat to come to the barbecue!! Thank you again to Jann and Leah for their wonderful help, to Scott for barbecuing such awesome meat, to Keirdon for helping me clean stalls before everyone arrived (and Cameron for dumping the last load), to Steve for bringing (root)beer for me and to the City of Taft and all the contributors for a wonderful 4th of July Celebration!!!!!!!

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Sharon Lynne said...

I had fun viewing the 4th of July party! Thanks for giving me a heads up. That food made me hungry!! Good photos of the fireworks. For only one second..there is so much beauty. That one that looks like a flower is 'cool'.

Janey Loree said...

The fireworks picture that looks like a flower is my favorite one too!!!

p.s. I ate too much at that party!!!

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