Thursday, July 26, 2007

MnC Enters BLOG VILLAGES Recreation Carnival...

Mustang 'n' Cowboy's has decided to entered our very first post, "Two Cowboys, Four Mustang Horses and a Dog" in the BLOG VILLAGE Recreation Carnival! The Carnival will be on Monday, July 30th over on CyberCelt's blog "Texas RV Travel Blog".

Backpacking into the Sierra Nevada Mountains on horseback, to spend two whole weeks, is MnC's idea of fun...

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Rating is 9.98
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Last Comment = June 13, 2007 by Sharon Lynne

MnC's Disclaimer: At no time is excessive force, cruelty or brutality used when training the horses pictured in this blog. Reinforcing pats and firm gentleness, along with calmness from the trainers, encourage the horses to do as they are asked.


Sharon Lynne said...

I entered the carnival too, and I'm glad you will be there!

My younger son and I are going out of town early Monday--for about a week, so I'm sad I won't beable to be at the Carnival.

Rising Rainbow said...

Thanks for reminding me about that carnival, I think I'm going to try and submit something. Let's let those folks know that horses are great recreation!!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Sharon Lynne! The great thing about these blog carnivals is that you can still enjoy them even if it is a week later!

The guys and I will be out of town for a couple of days next week too!

Janey Loree said...

Hello Rising Rainbow! I am glad that I reminded you in time to get a post in!! Horses are the best recreational pastime!!!

Summitt For Circuit City's new "FireDog"!

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