Sunday, July 22, 2007

The New Round Pen is close to completion...

7.25.07 UPDATE: The round pen gate is finished!! The round pen is 60 ft across and the top rails are 8 ft, so that means the top of the archway is 10'. The last count on hours was 67 a piece!

Even though Travis and Tony have spent at least 50 hours a piece on the new round pen, it is not quite finished! They are working on the gate and will need to primer and paint the rails, put up a
ply board kick plate along the bottom, and haul in sand. As far as a sprinkler system goes, they will get a sprinkler to attach to the end of the hose for now!

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Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, a round pen with no edges! Before I had a round pen I never thought about edges but now that I have one with edges, I know they can be a problem if the horse hits the rail and one of those edges.

And how tall is that pen? Aslo are the walls sloping out or is that just me?

Janey Loree said...

Hi Rising Rainbow! Travis and Tony are 6' 2" and 6' 4", so the pen is at least 8' tall! I will get the exact dimensions and post them. And yes, the walls are sloping out so that when a rider is working their horse from the saddle they don't get their knees knocked off!!! It will make it easier on the horses too!

p.s. Travis knows first hand about hitting edges on the old round pen. He ended up with a C-1 fracture, a broken nose, a dislocated shoulder and a 3 inch gash on his forehead that took many stitches to close.

Becky said...

Becky, who apparently is never quite satisfied with the amount of blogging Poor Janey does, begins clamoring *yet again* for updated photos of the pups.

Midlife Mom said...

Great round pen!!!!! I don't have one yet, just the outside rectangular ring, but want one some day. I will remember this design as I always worry about hitting my knees. Are T&T twins?

Janey Loree said...

Okay Becky! I hear ya!! You twisted my arm (again) to get more pictures of the puppies posted!!!

Hi MLM. The guys finished the gate last night! And no TnT are not twins, they are 13 months apart, but the do get accused of being twins all the time!!!

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