Monday, August 27, 2007

TnT's Adventures Down Under - Part II

Smithfield Bungy Tower ~ Cairns.

If you want to wrap anywhere from 640 to 1120 individual strands of rubber around your legs and jump off a 164 ft. tower, this is the place to be! Travis and Tony's first adventure in the land down under took them to AJ Hackett's Smithfield Bungy Tower constructed on the edge of the Australian Rainforest.
The guys jumped twice, the first time was a swan dive and the second time they jumped off backwards... (gulp) We do have video of this and I will post it just as soon as I figure out how! The Official Jumpers' Edition Pack* states that snakes, goannas and native birds roam the site and the rainforest. Later on during their stay in Australia, TnT went to the Turanga Zoo. There will be pictures of some of these native animals in a later post on the zoo. Here are a couple of pictures that TnT took while at the Bungy Tower...Description

The guys struck up a conversation with a couple of local girls who realized why bungy jumping wasn't such a big deal to TnT. The conversation centered around horses for some reason! The guys did admit to a moments' hesitation when they looked down for the first time...

No worries, Mum!!!

*The pictures in the Official Jumpers' Edition Pack were taken by AJ Hackett Staff.

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MnC's Disclaimer: At no time is excessive force, cruelty or brutality used when training the horses pictured in this blog. Reinforcing pats and firm gentleness, along with calmness from the trainers, encourage the horses to do as they are asked.


Sharon Lynne said...

Whoever took their pictures while jumping did a fine job. They sure have a lot of spunk! Hmmm I wonder where they get it from?

Janey Loree said...

There were cameras set up at different strategic points to capture this experience!

I'm not sure where they get their spunk from!!!

Naomi said...

Bungie jumping is very popular in Oz. However it's not for the faint-hearted Janey! I definitely couldn't do it!

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