Friday, September 21, 2007

Catching Up...Some...

Pecos SkiesIt's been awhile since the last post and I have been remiss for no other reason than that I have not had enough time to stop and post. Well, that is not entirely true. I did put my back out a week and a half ago and that has slowed me down quite a bit. There have been many things come up that I would think to myself "that needs to be posted on the blog"! So, before I get too much farther behind I will attempt to post a little while I can’t sleep.

The horses are doing very well in their new home. The guys get up early to run out and feed before they head to work and then they spend a couple of hours with them each night.

Tony mentioned the other day that my horse, Oakley, was calmer. Nothing huge in retrospect, just little things like when Travis was sacking her out with a grain sack, she just stood there and let him shake it all around her head and ears. She was not as jumpy when Tony pretended to climb on her bareback, and she comes up to them when they crawl through the fence with her hay instead of running in the other direction. She was doing this for me in California, but not the guys. I was thinking that maybe she got used to the air that was blowing in around her head and body during the trip to Texas in the horse trailer. Just a thought!

Cahlibur is still a little bit foot sore from the trip back to Texas. Travis lets him out a little to soothe his nervous energy, but not enough to re-injure his feet. Coal is a little sore footed too, but Tony thinks that a couple of more days and he will be as good as new. I was assured that Coal's soreness was not visible to the naked eye, just felt when he was ridden. Belle was all prancey like a Tennessee Walker as she waited to be turned loose in the old arena. She flew past Oakley and Clancey like they were standing still. She is going to make a wonderful brood mare. Tony will be looking for a stocky Quarter Horse of about 16 hands to breed to Belle.

Mr. Clancey, as I call him, has grown up in just these few weeks. He is not acting as much like a young colt as he used to. I asked Travis if he was still lightening up and T was not sure. Hard to tell when he sees Clancey everyday. We will have to compare photos. The photos in this post are some cell phone pictures that the guys text messaged to me of the beautiful Pecos skies…the sunsets are from Travis and the cloudy skies are from Tony.

Kate, Rusty, Cody and Jessie are staying in the dog run that TnT made for them. However, one day last week Tony had to run home and find the escapees. He didn't have to look far. Rusty was lying in front of the hole under the house. When Tony called him, Rusty jumped up and Kate and the puppies came out from under the house right behind him. Again Rusty was protecting his family! A shed next to the dog run has been cleared out. TnT will be putting in a dogie door so that the dogs can get out of the weather better.

The last time Rusty was out ‘n out protecting his family was right after they all moved in. TnT had to return the Rental Truck and the Deputy Warden and his wife were watching the dogs. The have a dog and Rusty stayed between him and Kate and the puppies the whole time. Each time the dog would try to get closer to Kate or the puppies Rusty would growl real low!

Saturday the guys are supposed to go out to the Warden's to check out his mare. If I remember correctly the warden lives about 35 miles out of town. I can't wait to hear about her...

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