Saturday, September 01, 2007

MnC's One Year Anniversary Coming Up...

While TnT were on their Sierra Nevada Pack Trip, I started this blog in anticipation of the pictures, journal entries and stories that they would capture my sons' first pack trip! It happened to be the very same day they were having to make a very hard decision to leave Maggie, Travis' Mustang mare in the back country... read the rest of the story...

That day was September 10, 2006, and 10 days shy of a year later places TnT, 5 horses and 4 dogs living in Pecos, Texas. Home of the First Rodeo!

I am including a video of Travis and I being pulled by Cahlibur! Travis modified the cart by adding the seat and a hand brake. In the video we started in front of our house continuing across the street through the driveway to the old arena, now converted into a dirt bike race track, and followed the old horse race track, detouring to cut across the field to the horse pens. It was a great ride! The quality of the video is not bad considering I took it back when I still had my old digital camera.

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MnC's Disclaimer: At no time is excessive force, cruelty or brutality used when training the horses pictured in this blog. Reinforcing pats and firm gentleness, along with calmness from the trainers, encourage the horses to do as they are asked.


Naomi said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary Janey. Mustang and Cowboys is a great blog. I've really enjoyed reading your wonderful posts and looking at your great photos. I've just posted some photos on my site of the English Lake District. You might find them interesting.

Kaila said...

Happy Anniversary!

I really enjoy reading your blog


EquineSpirit said...

GREAT video! LOVE it!

Sharon Lynne said...

I went on the wagon ride. I felt like I was right in the wagon!

How are things going without the boys? You must miss them alot. You have much to look forward to, as you will be re-united after a bit!

I read the pack trip story--especailly the part about Maggie! I'm so sad! But I'm glad you have her colt.

So the boys are off to a new adventure. It will be interesting and fun to hear how they are doing in Texas.

Take care, and enjoy the change of Fall arrives!

Janey Loree said...

Welcome Ladies!!! Thanks for commenting on MnC!

Thanks Naomi! I WILL stop by to check out the new pictures!

Kaila, I have not been by your blog in awhile, thank you for reading MnC!

I am glad that you enjoyed the cart ride Equine Spirit.

And you too, Cousin CB! I would be able to post more if we didn't get so many orders from our online gift shoppe!!! But, then again, that is what we want is more orders!!!

I have some great pictures of Maggie and Clancey that I will be posting in the future. She was a beautiful line backed dun with attitude (just like her son!) Well, he used to be a line backed dun!

Sharon Lynne said...

I'm glad the gift shop is going well!
And I don't know what a line backed dun is...

As you can tell...I know very little about horses!

Janey Loree said...

Sharon Lynne, I will post the pictures of Maggie and Clancey in the next couple of posts so that you will see what a line backed dun is!!

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