Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sacking out Oakley!!!

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Last night Travis did this with Oakley after laying her down! She fought some going down, but after she was lying there, she laid still under the tarp. Saturday night, after TnT got back from seeing "3:10 to Yuma" in Odessa with Mr. Gary, the guys brought "Blaze" in from Monahans to start her training. She is between Belle and Oakley in size and not as stocky as the girls.

Travis and Tony say "Howdy" to everyone back in California!"

UPDATE: After reading Midlife Mom's question in the comment section, I realized that I needed to make it clear why TnT were sacking out Oakley this way! Here is my answer:
In answer to your question about TnT putting a tarp on Oakley...the guys are just working on calming her nerves. She has settled down a lot since the move back to Texas, but they want to "sack" her out more so that she is as laid back as the mustangs!!!

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MnC's Disclaimer: At no time is excessive force, cruelty or brutality used when training the horses pictured in this blog. Reinforcing pats and firm gentleness, along with calmness from the trainers, encourage the horses to do as they are asked.

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