Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally Settled...somewhat!

Now I can call Pecos, the Home of the World's First RODEO, home!!!

After my sons, Travis and Tony, a.k.a. TnT moved here in September of 2007, I no longer had a captive audience to film. Daily training of our Mustang horses and Quarter horse mare were 1100 miles away. The puppies were growing up fast!

Now, seven months later, I made the move from California to Texas in a 26' UHaul. As I traveled along I40 in the company of two dogs and two cats, I recalled the events that transpired so quickly to make this move possible.

In February we had a family reunion in Arizona. My brother and I traveled from California to attend and TnT came in from Texas. After the reunion I traveled back to Texas with the guys for a two week visit. Within the first week of vacation I was building a website for the Feed Store and they had offered me a full time job! Before vacation was over I had talked with several people that wanted websites built or rebuilt and maintained.

Now, I had to make the decision if I wanted the job...let's see...move back to Texas...near TnT and the bet!!! Pecos is a small west Texas town of about 9,500 people. In the picture posted on Wikipedia, in the link above, a boot company that is making a pair of boots for TnT is situated in the fifth storefront from the right of the picture. To the left of the photographer is the West of the Pecos Museum and behind is the old depot, the future home of the Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame!

Talking about the Hall of Fame, stop back by in the near future for a link to the new website. As the newest member of the Hall of Fame committee, I will be building a website to commemorate the Grand Opening scheduled during the 126th Annual "West of the Pecos RODEO". I am on that committee too, and will be maintaining the Rodeo website as well!

Now that I am almost settle in my place, I will be able to post regularly to this blog! My computer is set up at TnT's new duplex and I should be able to move in to my remodeled duplex next week. I will keep my computer set up at the guys place until I know for sure that I have phone and internet service!

If you ever find yourself "West of the Pecos"...drop in!!!

Janey Loree

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jan said...

Janey, Thanks for the update. I've been wondering about the whereabouts of the Mustangs, Cowboys and you and if you would really make the move to Texas.

We'll miss you as a resident of California but your new life sounds so exciting. Keep blogging.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Jan! A lot has happened in the last couple of months and I wish that I had been able to post!! However, I will go from here and get busy posting!!!

I will be by to check out
have missed visiting ya over there.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh cool! Does that mean you'll be blogging more? Have missed the stories of your boys.

Sharon Lynne said...

I like the picture. It looks so Texas-like! Oh...I do like the motor-bike in the back.

I'm so happy for you. What a blessing for the doors to fly open for you to join your sons!

kdwhorses said...

Great you got moved! Welcome to TEXAS!! Was wondering where you had gone! Hope you get settled in real quick!

Sheila said...

Interesting that you have moved since I last visited and I have recently moved. I am happy being close to my older son's family and hope you are happy closer to your sons.

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