Monday, May 26, 2008

Settled In!!! Not Quite...

Maybe, I can get back to blogging now that I am moved into my little apartment. I still have boxes everywhere, but I would rather blog than unpack boxes anyday!!

This picture was taken the day TnT got back with Cahlibur after taking him to the specialist. I picked up hay because the guys would not get back to town before the feed store closed. We usually get a ton at a time, but I could only get 20 bales on my Z71 Chevy. With the price of fuel skyrocketing, we pay $11.50 a bale now.

I will be adding links to the "West of the Pecos Rodeo", the "Texas Rodeo Hall of Fame" and the "West of the Pecos Museum" in the sidebar a.s.a.p. and writing a couple of article of interest about them. In the meantime, check out these local websites.

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MnC's Disclaimer: At no time is excessive force, cruelty or brutality used when training the horses pictured in this blog. Reinforcing pats and firm gentleness, along with calmness from the trainers, encourage the horses to do as they are asked.


Rising Rainbow said...

Blogging is good. you have been missed.

Janey Loree said...

Hi rising rainbow! I have miss y'all, too!!

jan said...

Trying to comment again.

Keep blogging. The boxes may unpack themselves if you give them a chance.

Janey Loree said...

Great idea Jan! I am glad that surgery went okay for you.

Kaila said...

I've missed reading your blog! I hope Cahlibur's surgery goes well.

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