Monday, December 15, 2008

Update on Riot and Hostage situation at R3...

Well, the riot was over at 2am, Saturday morning! However, since the guys were on the cert team and all the inmates had to be pat searched, they didn't get home until 10:30 am to complete a 29 hour shift. I received a call that they would have to stop by the hospital and then they would stop by the Feed Store?!!?!!?

As it turned out, after the inmates burned down the "rec" center, they found a way to break off up to soccer-sized concrete blocks from the handball court wall to throw at the cert team and one connected with Travis' hand. Negative on the broken hand! One cert member was spun around with a block to the shoulder and another member was yanked back into the building as inmates tried to pull him into the yard...

When the riot broke out, Tony was guarding a crane that was working in the yard, so he was left standing in the yard, (chomping at the bit!) until he was relieved to get his gear and join the rest of the cert team and his brother. He said that what he saw looked like something from a medieval movie. The inmates had found a way (possibly with coats turned into sling-shots) to catapult hundreds of concrete rocks with uncanny accuracy at the cert team that was working on clearing all the inmates out of their cells into the yard.

Travis was escorting an inmate to the shoe (solitary confinement) and was one of the first to respond to
r3. He said that as they worked on clearing the inmates out of their cells, each unit got harder to sweep. At one point there was at least 800 inmates trying to keep the unit door open and by shear team work they got the door shut and locked! When all was said and done, Travis sustained several bruises and his helmet sustained many blows to the left side.

From the guys descriptions of their gear I visualize beefed up versions of the Federation Troops in Star Wars! Except all black!! I will leave the who, what, where, when and why details to the authorities and just thank God that the hostages, the cert team and the rest of the prison staff are safe and sound and that the S.W.A.T. team and other law enforcement entities were not needed to gain back control of RCDC3!!!

p.s. I DID feed the horses and dogs! I need to get updated pictures of everyone posted...who knows what the future will bring!!


Becky said...

Yes... Yes, that does sound like the guys. I can just see/hear/imagine it---

"Hi, Mom, we just need to stop by the hospital real quick for lifesaving treatment, and then by the feedstore. We're planning on going on a ride later on in the day, and we need to surgically reattach Travis' head. See you soon!"

Frankly, Janie, I'm surprised you have any hair left on your head. In your position mine would have fallen out years ago.

I MISS YOU GUYS!!! The baby's name is Matthias, or Matty for short. But, to be honest, we all just kind of call him the DragonMonkey.

Janey Loree said...

We miss you too Becky! Give the DragonMonkey a kiss for me!!

Tracey said...

Good golly! That is just insane... I'm glad everyone is okay, though.

Summitt For Circuit City's new "FireDog"!

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