Friday, October 13, 2006

Woke up at 6:00am, but stayed in bed until 6:45am. When we got up to feed the horses, Maggey was still acting funny and not eating much so after they were done eating, Tony walked her around while I made pancakes. After eating I walked her around some more while Tony fished. After I walked her, I went fishing with Tony. I caught one fish about 11 inches and that was the only bite that morning. Took a nap about 10:30am for about an hour and then took the horses to graze. Filled in my log book. Took down our campsite and made everything ready for tomorrow's departure to Pocket Meadow. Fed the boys and girls, then had Ramen and Spam for supper. Gave Maggey some Banamine. Played some cards and then went to sleep. Travis

No change in Maggey yet. After feeding them I walked her while Trav made pancakes. After I ate I went down to fish while Trav walked her for another 1/2 hour. After tying her up Trav joined me for a little fishing. He caught one trout and I again caught none. We took a nap in between 10:30 and 11:30am, after which we took the horses to the far end of the lake to graze. While down there we decided that tomorrow (Sunday) we would go to Pocket Meadow, Monday we would go to 1st camp and we would leave Tuesday instead of Friday. We decided this because of the health of our horses. While none have showed signs of weight loss, Coal has a really sore back, Cahlibur's girth is extremely painful and Maggie isn't eating. After catching up on our log books we tore the shelter down and repacked the panniers so as to get an early start tomorrow. After dismantling the camp we fed the horses again. Tonight we ate Top Ramen and Spam. We heated water in the coffee pot and then when it had boiled we poured the hot water into the skillet where the fried spam and ramen was waiting. A little more cards and then we hit the sack. Tony

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