Tuesday, October 10, 2006

DAY SIX... Woke up at 6:00am and made coffee and pancakes. After eating we went to fish a little and I caught a 14 inch trout on my 3rd cast. Like an idiot, I turned it loose before my brother could take a picture of it. We fished until around 10:30am in which time I had numerous bites but only one catch. That one was when I put a fly on the end of my line, attached a bobber and a couple of sinkers and tossed it out. What I pulled in was a 6 to 8 inch trout. After stowing our fishing poles, we gathered a little more firewood. By gather I mean throwing our grappling hook into a dead tree and pulling branches down. After putting the wood at the camp we took the horses down to water again. By this time we had gathered enough nerve to take a little dip in the lake, and let me tell you what...that water was cold! I don't mean just a little bit cool. I mean down right frostbite meet hypothermia and grow icicles off your nose cold! After adjusting the water wasn't too bad. We stayed in for around 30 minutes, then climbed out, dried real fast, and made a beeline for our shelter where we sat and played rummy until we had warmed up. After warming up we took the horses down to the far end of the lake to graze. After returning to camp we decided to catch up on our log books. So here I am. I'll write more later tonight... We went fishing on the other side of the lake today. Trav caught four trout over there and I caught none. After fishing we took the horses to feed again. We noticed that Maggey wasn't eating and she hadn't had a bowel movement in a long time. While I made cowboy potatoes, Trav walked her to see if that would help. After eating we played rummy until 8:00pm and then went to bed. Tony

Got up at 6:00am, turned the horses loose in the pasture just west of the camp. After about 50 minutes, we tied them back up and had pancakes for breakfast. We went fishing afterwards and I only got bites when I was using my flyfishing pole. At about 10:30am we started gathering firewood using a rope and grappling hook, by throwing it into a dead tree that was still standing. Then we took the horses out for some water. When we tied them up we went for a swim in the lake for about half an hour. Let me tell you, that was like getting wet and running out into a blizzard! We dried off and stayed in the tent for another thirty minutes playing cards then we took the horses to the farthest west pasture, about a 2 minute walk and let the horses eat for about an hour and then came back, tied them up, and filled in my log book. Went fishing on the south side of the lake. We were on a rock cliff about 10 feet above the water. We fished for about an hour and a half and I caught four fish, the biggest being about 10 inches. Later on that afternoon we fed the horses. Maggey wasn't eating all that much and acting a little hurt in the inside. Walked her for half an hour while Tony cooked potatoes. When he was done, I put Maggey up and we ate. Played cards till 8:00pm and then went to sleep. Travis

Coal 'n' Cahlibur at Wilbur May Lake

Belle, Coal 'n' Cahlibur grazing at Wilbur May Lake

Cahlibur, Belle, Coal, Tony at Wilbur May Lake (Maggey is behind the tree in front of Coal)Tony fishing on Wilbur May Lake


Dirty Butter said...

This is a way of life I can only enjoy vicariously, but I love to read about it. I hope Maggey is OK. What in the world will you do if she really is sick out here in the middle of nowhere??

I voted for you today on BLOG VILLAGE.

Janey Loree said...

Me too! TnT have promised to take me on a packing trip in the next couple of years. They want to get some mules for future pack trips. The guys did take a vet kit with them that their vet put together. In it they had some pain medicine that they gave Maggey.

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