Thursday, October 26, 2006

A New Addition To Our Herd!

"Rusty" our new pup. Our grandmother found him out behind our property,
starving, dehydrated, and scared.

While over at the corrals this morning, Trav and I where just about done feeding, so we told our dogs to load up. Kate of course ran over and got in the back of the truck, Rusty our new pup did just the same. I was filling Coal's water trough when I turned around and noticed that Rusty was out of the truck. I told him to load up and he ran to the truck and jumped in. He stayed there for a few minutes and then jumped back out after Trav returned from feeding Clancey.

Trav told him to load up and he did, but a few minutes later was back out of the truck. I told him to load up agian and he walked over to the truck looked in the back and just stood there. I told
him load up...he looked at the truck again and then turned to walk the other direction. I then said Rusty Load UP!!. He jerked his head around and jumped in and stayed until we were finished feeding the horses. He stayed there until he was told to unload. Tony

In this picture, Rusty and Kate are watching TnT as they walk into the store.


Sheila said...

Rusty is cute. Suppose he's got some Brittany Spaniel in him?

Janey Loree said...

Hi Sheila, Rusty is a sweetheart too! We will never be sure since he found old horseshoer thinks he might have Queensland in him. We will see what the Vet has to say! By the way, thank you for your comments.

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