Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Room to play!!!

The puppies now have a playpen! It is 4' x 8' and made out of lattice & 2x4's. They should sleep all night because they played all afternoon. Or at least every time I went by they were growling and nipping at each other. Katy can jump in when it is time to eat. The little black 'n' white girl is looking more and more like her mother! The puppies are nearing a month old!!! On the 11th, they will be 4 weeks old. They already have their little, bitty teeth.

Since we have a printing press, I am going to make a baby book that will go with each puppy. It will be patterned off of our Travel Log. Along with baby pictures, I will put pictures of Katy and the other siblings. It will have pages dedicated to puppy's firsts, shots, and a calendar to mark appointments.


Sheila said...

That's a neat playpen. I like your idea of a baby book for the puppies. I could see that being marketable if it isn't already out there. My daughter-in-law is doing a scrapbook for their puppy after her sister kept at her to try scrapbooking.

Keep those pics coming.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Sheila, I am sure that Puppy Baby Books are out there, however, I will be adding it to our online store as another product available in PJ's Corner! We already have a travel log and Baby Book available. Now, I see that we will need a Baby Horse Book, and a Kitten Book...

jan said...

The baby book is a great idea.

We always had one puppy who was the first to jump out of the pens they were in. It was always the one with the adventurous spirit of the mother Misty.

Janey Loree said...

Good Morning Jan. It looks like we may have to add an extension to this playpen already! No one has gotten out yet, but it is only a matter of time.

I will be stopping by yours and Sheila's blogs, it's a busy season and I feel like I am missing out by not visiting! See ya over there.

First, I need to go feed horses!

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