Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

You kicked off your boots as you hung up your hat,

The rope flew into the corner, so you’d know where it’s at!

Into the house you tracked mud and a little hay,

But because your the cowboy I love,

I wish you the best Valentine’s Day!

By Janey Loree Fisher


Anonymous said...


Your valentine on "Mustangs and Cowboys" was totally precious. You're a poet too? And I did love training in the rain.

I'm sure it's my computer's fault, but i keep getting kicked off of "Mustangs" when I try to comment because of something that is running that is not compatible with my computer. If I'm the only one having a problem, I'll work on it from here.


Janey Loree said...

Hi Jan,
I am sorry, I dropped the ball at that one. I have had work done on my teeth and an episode with my back and got totally behind. I am getting comments from other people, but none of them are using typepad. Could it be the slide show that is located at the bottom of the blog? Just a thought, or maybe the video about Skidboot? I will add your comments for now, but will send an email into blogger to make sure that the problem is not on my side.

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