Monday, February 12, 2007

Lucky's Rainy Day Training...

It rained in the San Joaquin Valley today! Most times it will sprinkle and that is it. So Travis, Tony and I headed over to the stables. Tony saddled Coal and headed back over to the house to get the new breast collar he had purchased from Fairfax Saddlery when we were in Bakersfield a couple of days ago. Travis took Cahlibur over to the turn out pen. He just grabbed a hold of Cahliburs' mane and off they went! No halter, no rope, just a cowboy and his horse trusting each other. Tony can do this with Coal, too!

Then Travis headed over to take Lucky out. It started sprinkling! I stuffed my camera in my sweatshirt ja
cket as I followed Travis. It started sprinkling harder as Travis led Lucky over to the metal hitching post in front of Coal's pen. The first picture shows how intent Lucky was in getting the rope untied. Travis worked with him attempting to stop this habit. I don't know how to spell it, but Travis made a sound that means "No you don't!". It sounds like you are saying the "a" in tr(a)ck twice! If anyone knows how to spell that...please let me know!!!

In the second picture, Lucky is only putting a space between the rope as his nose moves back and forth, as if to say, "I'm not untying, I'm just resting my nose between the ropes!" Travis used the curry comb to brush Lucky down before putting the saddle on him. In the mean time it is really starting to rain...Below are
pictures toward Lucky's pen that showed the rain coming down quite hard, the clouds above the stalls, and the sun shining through after the storm broke.

By the time Travis had Lucky saddled, Tony and C
oal returned with Katy and Rusty in tow. Rusty is getting better about staying close. He tried to chase a rabbit or ground squirrel, but skidded to a stop and came back just as soon as Tony called him!!

It is now raining very hard, I have since retreated to the truck for cover, Travis took Lucky to the shelter of Cahliburs' stall and Tony, Coal and the dogs sought shelter in Coal's stall. I looked over at the girls and Belle was running back and forth between her s
tall and playing with Oakley by bucking and throwing her head around. Oakley was getting perfectly wet while she played in the rain. At one point she bucked getting all four hooves off the ground while throwing her head around. The shower must have felt really good! And Cahlibur was searching the turn out pen for something to eat!!!

Back to Lucky's rainy day training...after about 10 minutes the rain stopped and Travis mounted Lucky and headed for the field. Years ago there was a race track on the property. The starting gate was given away in an attempt to clean up the place. I will never forgive the board members that allowed it to get away. What a piece of history taken from a century old horsemen's association...well anyway...Travis took Lucky out past what is left of the race track into the middle for some good old reining exercises.

Along the side of the track are about a dozen or so telephone poles that once held the cable that was used to fence off the track. These poles are now used for training. The third picture shows Lucky weaving back and forth; an excellent neck reining training setup. In the last picture, with a little coaxing, Travis had Lucky walking right through the mud puddle that had gathered by the round pen.

So, even though it rained, it turned to be a rainy day training for Lucky!!! Boy, do I love my new Canon EOS 30D camera!!!


Becky said...

Howdy, howdy!

Now THIS is a great post. :) It looks like I missed a truly beautiful day over there. It rained and poured here as well, but it just wasn't as pretty.

Missing you guys,

Janey Loree said...

Hi Becky!!! We miss you too! I finally have a camera that captures what I am seeing! The picture I took of you and the guys turned out really good, I think I will add it to a post!!!

Sharon Lynne said...

Those are great pictures of the clouds! The sky can be so beautiful after a storm.

Janey Loree said...

Thanks CB! I posted a couple more over on my personal blog, Notes That Touch The Heart. My new camera is awesome!!!

Naomi said...

I'm not surprised you love your new camera Janey. You took some great photos with it, despite the rain. They turned out really well. This was a really good post. I'm late getting over as I've been laid low with flu this week.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Naomi! I'm sorry that you have been down with the flu. :( Thanks for dropping by!!

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