Saturday, February 17, 2007

Update on Little Coal ~ Katy's Pup...

Little Coal is not so little anymore!!! In these pictures that Jamie sent via email tonight, he is growing up quickly! The picture where he is in Jamie's arms is his first night in his new home! Jaime said that it was a rough one, but from the looks of him in the rest of the pictures he has made himself right at home. Her brother went shopping and bought him a bed and all kinds of toys!!!

In the pictures with Pixie, you can see the difference in size from December to now.
Jaime title the last picture of Little Coal on the pillow:
It's a dogs life! Boy does he have it rough. (I don't know if the pun was intended or not!) Jaime, thank you for sharing these pictures with us!!!

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Naomi said...

Great photos of Coal Janey. He's growing up fast. Looks like he's settled in well at his new home.

Janey Loree said...

Good Morning Naomi! Jamie did a great job on the photos!! Doesn't he looked spoiled?!!

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