Thursday, June 21, 2007

Katy 'n' Rusty's 1st Day of Summer Litter!!!

It has been very busy around here! Katy started having her puppies a little after 3pm today. The official 1st day of Summer! So far everyone is healthy and strong. There are 3 black 'n' whites, 3 rust 'n' whites, and 1 white 'n' black. We do not know the gender yet, but it looks like they all have white tipped tails! Miss Katy is being VERY protective...we barely got her bedding changed and the igloo (doghouse) moved into the back room (nursery)!

I know that I did not give you any fore warning that Katy was even going to have puppies by Rusty, but we have been busy working on helping Cahlibur feel better. For those of you who don't know, Cahlibur has been diagnosed with ringbone, a form of arthritis in horses. I took Cahlibur and Coal into the veterinarian last Saturday and both boys lost 5 pounds. Cahlibur is supposed to be loosing weight (more than 5 pounds) and Coal is supposed to be gaining. I think that Coal did pretty good considering he has been working up at the ranch for 5 of the last 6 weeks.

Cahlibur received a followup shot for the ringbone and his West Niles Virus while Coal was brought along to get his West Niles Virus. Tony had me ask Doc Pipkin if she had something we could give Coal for his fly bites (which are on 90% of his chest and front legs) and she gave him a allergy shot and suggested that we use a water-based fly spray on him.

Daffinah is doing great! I need to get pictures of Travis riding her for the first time, Tony taking her across the "Grand Canyon", and post the picture of Daffinah and her owners. The guys have been riding her all over the stables and took her for a trail ride out into the desert behind our place (need to post the pictures TnT took of that ride) and she is getting pretty good about taking her baths after a good ride. I almost forgot that Tony worked with her on loading in the trailer and she did wonderful. After Tony had worked with her for about fifteen minutes, I was able to load and unload her with ease!

Travis and Tony worked on the FFHA round pen all day today and got several more sections completed. I took lunch 'n' lemonade over to the stables about 1pm and we discussed how miserable Katy seemed to be. TnT asked me to take her home and when Katy and I walked into the garage she walked right into her igloo. She had been steering clear of it for the last couple of days. TnT came home about 3pm to rest during the hot part of the day and found Katy in the igloo delivering her puppies! We left her alone for a couple of hours (with just a few peeks to make sure everything was okay) and then moved her into the nursery when we got back from the stables.

I only got Daffinah's pen cleaned because I was catching people to let them know about the 4th of July picnic that we are going to have in front of Cahlibur, Coal, Oakley and Belle's pens. It looks like everyone is going to come over around 5 or 5:30 the evening of the 4th. Those who can ride will take a short trail ride, while the ones like me that can't ride or don't have a horse they can ride yet will start gathering the food and drinks for the barbecue.

So far it looks like John and Sheila are going to bring chili beans and a desert, Kerri and Chief are bringing cornbread, Jim and Carry will bring hot dogs, Donna is bringing paper plates and plastic forks, knives and spoons, her daughter is making potato salad, Phil didn't tell me what he and his family will be bringing, Larry and Kayla will be bringing a couple of 46 quart igloos filled with ice and tri-tip, John A. will be bringing macaroni salad and I will be making a family recipe of Grated Potato Burritos with a Curry Dip. I talked with Rosalee's owner and she will be bringing a green chili dish and ice water. Everyone will be bringing their drinks and something to sit on.

I have several people that I need to talk to yet to personally invite! There is Cindy, Krystal and the kids, Coco and Eric, Ed and DeeDee, Bill, Diane, Michelle, Leah and her family, Steve, Marty and his family, Craig and Lacey, Babe's new owners, and a couple guys I am not sure of their names. I still need to talk with Scott to see if he will barbecue for us, and make sure that I don't leave anyone out! Also, I will need to get a hold of a couple of people that don't have horses out at Franklin Field anymore but like to come over for the fireworks. Hey, Jann if you read this, you and Vicki are welcome as usual and Tom if he feels like it! Do you think that Carol and family would like to join us? Becky if you are in the area visiting your Grandma, you are welcome too! Give you a chance to see Katy 'n' Rusty's puppies!!

We have a front row seat for the fireworks that are staged in the softball fields just northeast of the new round pen. TnT and I will make sure that the grass is mowed and the dust is sprayed down and tables are set up. It should be a great evening of celebrating our nations' birthday!!!

A couple more pieces of news...TnT are going to Australia for vacation in August and have put in for a transfer to Pecos, TX which should transpire the 1st of September. I will keep you posted...we didn't break 100 today...hopefully it is a sign that we will have a milder summer! Try to stay cool this summer and drink plenty of liquid!!!

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jan said...

How exciting are the new puppies!!!I really envy you watching them grow, even though it is hard work after awhile.

And how busy and exciting your life is. So much going on.

I'm voting for you lots at BV. I couldn't get on your blog for a while, but now all seems well.

Sharon Lynne said...

Wow! That was a lot of news! How exciting about the puppies! Can't wait to see pictures!

It sounds like your 4th of July barbecue is in the perfect place. I hope everyone shows up. You're going to have quite a feast! How nice to get together for the evening with friends old and new.

TnT are transferring to Texas? I'm not sure what that means...

It was about 96 here today. Today (or yesterday) was the longest day of the year!

Becky said...

Wait a second... your attempt to lull me into complacency with your wonderfully long post (I love catching up with you guys through this thing)didn't work. Did you think I wouldn't notice your little sentence about the boys TRANSFERRING TO TEXAS? Hmmm?

Wow. I mean, fo rtheir sakes, I hope they get it... but still. Wow. Would all of you guys be going? Just them? Gah. I'm missing everyone already.

Midlife Mom said...

Okay, I'm confused too. Why is TnT transfering and what about your place where you are now? I guess I don't know what's what and am trying to figure this all out! lol! New puppies! What fun! We will be waiting for lots of pictures of the little guys! Your 4th of July party sounds like great fun!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Everyone!!! I will be posting more about TnT moving to Texas when we know more! The Pecos Prison is 50+ Officers short and TnT are applying. I won't be going back for about a year and my parents and brother will be staying here.

The puppies are sooo adorable, they were nursing and wiggling their tails when I checked on them a little while ago!!!

Janey Loree said...

Jan thanks for the votes!!! The 4th of July Celebration preparation is coming along quite well! I talked with several people last night and just finished a poster to post so that I can catch everyone. The poster probably should have been posted weeks ago...but it wasn't!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th!!!

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