Saturday, June 09, 2007

Oakley's Outbursts - Part One of Four...

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Travis decided to work with my horse a little. Because of the way she was acting at first (kicking out at Lucky) he decided to go out to the field (not before handing his cell phone to Tony) where the manure is spread to get on her. I am glad he did! The next four posts will capture Oakley being a naughty girl. Why does it have to be my horse that has these little fits? She has been shown nothing but love since she has come to live with us...and we know that her previous owner did not abuse her...somewhere something happened to her and it is up to TnT (and me) to help her forget it! I found a new slideshow website that will accommodate more pictures. I recommend setting the speed to as fast as is comfortable for you so that you can catch the action!!! (There are 36 pictures in this slideshow, so please be patient while it loads...)

Oakley's Outbursts - Part Two of Four
Oakley's Outbursts - Part Three of Four
Oakley's Outbursts - Part Four of Four

All four parts are included in this post! See below for Part Two!!
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jan said...

Most delightful. You really know how to make your world come alive for us. said...

Hi Jan! I'm surprised I got so many pictures. I'm getting away from the habit of putting the camera aside and watching. I get absorbed in what TnT are doing during training!

Callie said...

Holy Buckin' Bronch ride !!!!

Janey Loree said...

You are NOT kidding, Callie!!!

Summitt For Circuit City's new "FireDog"!

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