Saturday, June 09, 2007

Oakley's Outbursts - Part Three of Four...

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After Travis and Tony caught Oakley, Travis got back up on her still trying to get both feet in the stirrups so that he had a fighting chance of staying in the saddle. In this slideshow you will notice one picture of the ground, there were actually four. I guess I was still taking pictures while I looked up to make sure that Travis was okay!! The mom in me took over the photographer!!!

Time for a new strategy...check out Oakley's Outbursts - Part Four of Four to see what that strategy turned out to be.

Oakley's Outbursts - Part One of Four
Oakley's Outbursts - Part Two of Four
Oakley's Outbursts - Part Four of Four

All four parts are included in this post! See below for Part Four!!

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