Saturday, June 09, 2007

Oakley's Outburst - Part Four of Four...

Oakley's Outburst 4 of 4
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OK...enough is enough!! Travis asked Tony to assist him with getting on Oakley. So, while Tony held Oakley's head, Travis swung into the saddle planting both feet squarely into the stirrups. This time either because Tony was holding her head or because she was tired, Oakley didn't offer to buck. She was still a little edgy, so Travis spun her in circles which kept her from being able to bunch up and buck. For the next 10 minutes or so, Travis worked her and she did really good. If I hadn't of had pictures proving her misbehaving then we wouldn't have been able to tell that she had been ornery!!! Phew!! That was a mouth full!!!

Time for a lot of wet blankets for my little girl...

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All four parts are included in this post! See above for the First Three Parts!!

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Midlife Mom said...

Glad it was him on her and not me! Yikes! I would've hit the dust real quick! Glad they got things under control and had a good work out. We're still fighting the laminitis situation. Might be making a little progress or else I want it to be better so I think I see progress, you know how that is. Buddy is being such a good boy and stands in that ice water and doesn't complain a bit. I'd be kicking and screaming but maybe it feels good on his feet. What a nightmare this has been.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Midlife Mom! Travis WAS covered in manure dust! Needless to say he got first shower that night! We will keep You and Buddy in our prayers.

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