Monday, July 02, 2007

Katy 'n' Rusty's Puppies @ 4 days old...

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*UPDATE: (as the saying goes "my bad!"...Remington is a Thoroughbred/Percheron cross!!!)

The puppies are starting to get little freckles on their feet and noses! A few have them on the bottom of their pads too! They still sound like kittens mewing for their momma. Katy is still protective of her pups, but will let you pet them if you pet her with the other hand! She has gone a couple of times with the guys to feed the horses in the mornings when she has the puppies down for a nap.

I asked TnT which puppies that they are leaning toward and they said that they want to wait until the puppies are older to make their decision. They are all so adorable...I don't know how they are going to make that decision!!! I tend to gravitate toward the Rust 'n' White Girl 1, but handle, pet, cuddle and kiss everyone, and count to make sure all seven are were they are supposed to be!

The guys are over welding on the new round pen and are about half way around. They will be working as much as they can on it again tomorrow until it gets too hot. It is supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow and 106 on the 4th! Each night, one or the other of the guys will take Daffinah out for a good ride, Travis will take Cahlibur for his walk and cool his feet down, Tony will give Coal his bath with the special shampoo, the girls and Clancey are taken to the turnout pen, and I get a couple of pens cleaned out before needing to be in several different places to get pictures!

I have decided to clean pens (I have gone down a pant size!) in the morning so that I can take pictures in the evenings when the guys are working with the horses. What will I do for exercise that does not hurt my back when Travis and Tony moved to Texas? Travis is working with a new horse named Fancy Feet. She is a Quarter Horse mare that has started rearing when her owner takes her out on trail rides with her daughter, Terri. Terri rides a gelding named Remington that looks like an older brother to Daffinah. He is bigger and darker and an Arabian*. I will be posting a few pictures of Fancy and Remington in the next couple of posts.

Night before last after a good ride on Coal, Tony trailered in a 9 year old Palomino Gelding for a new member of Franklin Field Horsemen's Association. He will be in a pen right across from Clancey, so you will probably see pictures of "Palomino" from time to time.

I didn't go over to the stables tonight because I needed to work on my blogs, my cousin Debbie's website and a couple of orders! If you guys love puppy pictures, you need to check out Starlo's Paw Prints, a blog that I set up for Debbie's Cockapoos. Let her know that I sent you over, she is just getting into blogging and needs encouragement that blogs are the perfect place to share her knowledge of dogs and puppies that she has learned from being a breeder for the past 24 years. Right now I am gathering info from her to post on the the future I hope to have her posting!

Tony took pictures of the puppies when they were 10 days old that I will post next. They were 10 days old...let's see...yesterday!!! I would like to get pictures of them in Travis' hands tonight so that you can see how big they are getting. It looks like their eyes may open in the next couple of days and it would be neat if it was on the 4th of July!!!

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Becky said...


I knew an Arabian named Remington who looked just like Daffinah, only darker. It seems an odd coincidence, especially since it's such an unsual name. Is this Remington around, say, ten years old? He was three when I knew him, and that was almost seven years ago. It'd be interesting to find out.

PS: Thank you so much for updating!!!

jan said...

Nothing is cuter than puppies. I love the pictures and the way you presented them.

I'm finally able to post comments here.

I'm off to visit Starlo.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow are they ten days old already. How time flies. Puppies are so cute. Looking forward to the new pics.

Janey Loree said...

You are most welcome Becky! I will try to post more!! I will check on Remington's age...maybe he is the same horse!

Hi Jan, I sure am glad that you can post now and thanks for the votes over in BLOG VILLAGE!!! AND for visiting Debbie's blog!

Ya'll have a safe 4th of July, stay cool and enjoy the fireworks!!!

Janey Loree said...

Rising Rainbow, you slipped your comment in there while I was answering Becky and Jan's!!

How are your horses and twins doing? I will get by your blog and Jan's and Becky's a.s.a.p.!

It does seem like the puppies were born only a couple of days ago!!! I should get new pictures of the puppies posted tonight.

Sharon Lynne said...

Katy's puppies are adorable!

I visited Starlo's Paw Prints. She has some very good advice there for puppy owners.

Have a wonderful time at your barbecue--and Happy 4th of July!

Sheila said...

The puppies are so cute. I remember the one you lost from Katy's last litter and how sad that was. These little ones look wonderful.

Janey Loree said...

Hi CB & Sheila! I hope you ladies had a wonderful 4th!

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