Sunday, August 12, 2007

Join the BLOG VILLAGE Equine Webring

We are working on a new way to interact and to create more traffic for BLOG VILLAGE members. With over 450 Villagers, including diverse subjects, this is just the beginning of the BV WebRings. The BV WebRings will be centralized on the BLOG VILLAGE Community News page and flow throughout the community interlocking as each member joins each of the webrings that pertains to the subject matter on their blog(s)!

To be apart of the BLOG VILLAGE Equine WebRing, make sure that you are a member of BLOG VILLAGE and then let me know by sending a email to Janey Loree. Create your own BV WebRing by using the BV Logo and let Dirty Butter know through the comment section over on the BLOG VILLAGE Community News. Come join our community of great blogs!



Midlife Mom said...

Once I get this jury duty stuff out of the way I've got to figure out all the Blog Village things. Sounds very interseting. I've gone on once or twice but have never signed up yet.

Janey Loree said...

By the time you get jury duty taken care of I should have the BLOG VILLAGE Equine WebRing ready to roll out! I will plan on your joining BLOG VILLAGE and my BV Equine WebRing unless you tell me differently. Let me know when you join BV. BV is not just another Top100 List, Rosemary has created an online community atmosphere!

horsegal said...

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