Saturday, September 29, 2007

Official Trappers!!!

Travis called this morning with the news that they were official trappers now! TnT caught 8 wild pigs this morning!! That's right, they are in the business of trapping wild pigs that are ravaging the farmers and ranchers lands. The trap consists of a 24 foot diameter fence made out of 5 foot high hog wire. The farmer that owns the land where TnT set up their first trap has had to replace his irrigation system 3 times this last year! Side note: This farmer has four horses that he is going to have TnT ride out.

The feed store owner, Michael, has caught them up into this new venture. Wild hogs have done considerable damage (into the hundreds of thousands of dollars) and all TnT have to do is check their traps every day, load the pigs into the horse trailer, take them down to the feed store, run them across the scales and get paid by the pound. The eight they caught were about 70 lbs a piece. For now they will run out on a dirt bike to check the trap then return with truck and trailer. Saving on gas a little!

After running out and checking on a trap for Michael, who caught three 100 pounders, they stopped by to pick up Coal and head for Monahans to check out the mare that "Warden Gary" wants them to train.

Then to finish their day off, they have been invited to a barbecue over at Michael's in-laws place. It will be on Michael's father-n-law's ranch that TnT will go help gather cattle in October. It sounds like a pretty big operation, needing about 30 riders to gather the cattle from throughout the section.

Yesterday TnT worked a 12 hour shift from 10am to 10pm. Michael fed the horses for them last night. Before they headed to work TnT ran into the farrier that was shoeing Michael's horses. It turned out, in the coarse of the conversation, that the farrier was raised in Eagle Pass, TX. His parents and grandparents own or used to own ranches there! Tony was born in Eagle Pass and it looks like we may have been living in the area at the same time in history!!

Oh, and there is a house about 20 feet away from the holding yard that TnT will probably get to rent. They have a 6 mos. lease right now, but will probably start working and cleaning up the house since it has been quite awhile since it was last rented. There is a fenced in the front yard that will be perfect for the dogs and TnT will only have to walk out their front door to feed the horses. Besides it will cut the ride to work in half!

I wonder if TnT have hot water yet?

Editor's note: I am working on an Australian Vacation post!

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Sharon Lynne said... least it sounds like your going to have an interesting life when you move to Texas...

with wild pig trapping and who knows what they'll be into by the time you get there!

It sounds like the next adventure is a cattle drive! I hope they take pictures!

Janey Loree said...

I hope they get a chance to take pictures. They should! BTW...that's my job!! The guys camera's are small enough to fit in a pocket...

Sharon Lynne said...

I understand if they can't. It would be quite a challenge to round up cattle and take pictures at the same time!

Yes, your carvinals sound interesting. My husband is the music person, more than I am. I could definitely enter a writing post! I will try to do both.

Janey Loree said...

That will be wonderful! I will let you know when things get going on the carnivals!!

I am hoping that the guys can take a few pictures while they are out gathering. At times they just mosey along and could snap a few pictures!!! When they start the branding etc. it gets too hectic...

Tracey said...

Wild pig trapping, eh? My dad and City Boy used to trap, but not wild pigs. Beaver and otter and the like.

I really need to get myself signed back up, don't I? Guess I'd better go do that!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Tracey! If you are talking about BLOG VILLAGE...that would be nice so that I can add you to the BV Equine Webring!

GP said...

Hey sounds like we're all gittin'r done. Thanx for stopping by the inn and adding us to your blogroll... Later today I'll be adding your herd as well:)

Can you change the url for Innstyle Montana to since that's the new home for blog and horses

happy trails

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