Thursday, September 27, 2007

Retraction on Catching Up...Some...Post!!!

Cahlibur 'n' Coal in 2004Well, I did it this time! I misconstrued some details about Cahlibur and Coal's condition and I need to clarify the truth of the matter!

In the Friday, September 21, 2007 post titled Catching Up...Some... I stated the following:

"Cahlibur is still a little bit foot sore from the trip back to Texas. Travis lets him out a little to soothe his nervous energy, but not enough to re-injure his feet. Coal is a little sore footed too, but Tony thinks that a couple of more days and he will be as good as new. I was assured that Coal's soreness was not visible to the naked eye, just felt when he was ridden."
There are two mistakes in this statement. Firstly, Cahlibur did not get sore from the ride in the horse trailer, he is still suffering from his diagnosis of ringbone. And secondly, I had failed to mentioned that Coal had pulled a muscle while scampering around in the old turn out pen at the arena. At first, his limp was evident but after a couple of days Tony couldn't see him limp, only feel it. Update: Now Coal is back to normal!

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Anonymous said...

Janey~~what a thrill to spend nearly and hour on the phone with TnT the night before last. It was almost as though we were standing at the corrals chatting about our daily experiences.
My news for the day: Vickierose got broad-sided in the truck yesterday in Ford City at an intersection. The other car is totaled, both girls ok, just a little sore. The whole drivers side of the truck is caved in. Ouch! I may need a favor from y'all...need to hull poop. Thought maybe we could do it with Tony's truck before it sells. Let me know. Love you allllllll...

Janey Loree said...

Hi Jann! I am glad that TnT got a hold of you. I just got off the phone with Vickirose (she sounds sore!) leaving you a message that of coarse you can use Tony's truck to haul manure!! I called Tony and he said "Of course they can use my truck!" He remembers all the times you've helped them out.

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