Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oakley "vamosing" along...

In this picture Oakley is strolling along with her head down. She could care less that the pannier boxes are on her back. I wanted to say that she is moseying along, but it didn't sound right. I did check the dictionary and mosey is a slang word derived from the word vamoose, but I was not given a derivative form adding "ing"! Mosey does mean:

mosey (mo'ze) vi. [] [Slang] 1. to stroll, amble, or shuffle along 2. to go away; move along

...according to my Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language.

So, I looked at the meaning of vamoose and just like mosey it is an Americanism slang word from the Spanish word vamos, meaning let us go. I seem to remember "vamanos al la casa" from Spanish class years ago, which is roughly translated "let's go to the house". I guess another way to say it would be to say let's mosey to the house!


Sheila said...

Mosey or vamosey--they both sound good. It's interesting to see the origins of the words.

Kaila said...

it was interesting learning the meanings of the words. I love all the pictures!

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