Monday, October 23, 2006

"Welcome to the Equine Experience, California's Hands On Horse Fair!"

"Join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Mar 30-April 1, 2007 at the California Mid-State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles for education, entertainment, shopping and fun for all.

Some of the nation's most renowned clinicians and equestrian experts will be featured at the Equine Experience. They share their training methods and experiences with horse owners and enthusiasts alike. This horse expo brings you the best of the best!

Many of the clinicians and trainers transcend disciplines, making their training principles practical for all horse people and any breed. The equine expo is an inexpensive way to learn, see new products, and shop for anything and everything equine! There always seems to be something new and different! With so much going on, it makes sense to schedule the events you want to see and forget the Select Sale and Special Shows. You will probably need all the days provided to see and do everything!

For one all inclusive admission price you can experience hundreds of horses, different breeds, loads of barns & corrals, shopping, attend informative lectures or clinics by experts on varying subjects such as conditioning, breeding, improving ground manners, Cowboy Dressage, Improving Ground Manners, Making Your Horse Supple, Where to Camp, Problem Solving, Crossing Obstacles on the Trail and other subjects related to the horse. Shop at exhibitors that feature the latest equine products and services including; feed, tack, clothing for horse and rider, fencing, portable barns, trailers, trucks, jewelry, furniture, and anything else you or your horse may need."

"The Equine Experience brings the Central Coast of California a horse expo that is uniquely fun while being highly educational. The expo will include a multitude of disciplines, exhibits, and entertainment. It will be informative, attractive, action packed, and approachable to all levels of horse enthusiast.

Like other equine events, the EQUINE EXPERIENCE presents a host of well-known, highly respected equine clinicians from all over the country. However, unlike other equine events, the audience members are an important part of the clinics. We strive to create an interactive experience that lends itself to a more fun and purposeful learning experience. The clinics in effect become hands-on experiences for the audience members. In addition to that, they also get the opportunity to interact one on one with clinicians through open question and answer forums.

Conceived by well known local rancher John Rudnick, this event is the culmination of a life long love of horses and the desire to better the relationship between horse and human. Together with his wife Maureen, family, and friends, the Equine Experience Team welcomes you to the beautiful town of Paso Robles and tempts you to indulge yourself with your love of all things Equine."
Quote taken from the Equine Experience Website with permission from Maureen Rudnick.

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