Monday, December 04, 2006

15 Days Old!!!

From left to right:
Lite Tan 'n' Black girl, Black 'n' White girl, Jet Black girl, Dark Tan 'n' Black girl, and "Little Coal".

I play with the puppies every day so that they will get used to human kindness
and to prepare them for their new families. I know that it is just an excuse to cuddle and love on these adorable soft bundles of puppy fur. I whisper in their ears rules that they need to abide by and remember...
  • They will not chase cats! Cats are babies just like them!
  • They will mind perfectly when they are told - the first time!
  • They will not get into the trash and spread it all over the yard!
  • They will love and protect their family! That includes other animals.
  • They will always be loved by me!
They grow so quickly as everyone knows! They are 3 weeks old today. To get caught up so that the pictures are current, I went in and took some of the puppies while they slept! I didn't turn on the light and took the pictures with the flash as an experiment. The pictures came out better than I thought they would. You can see that "Christmas Suprise"* is already taking to heart some of the rules I have whispered in her ear. (Protect your family!) She checked to see what I was doing and then by the next click she was back asleep.

Tidbits: Little Coal was the first one to open his eyes, yes, he has a name already! Jaime's family named him before they knew that we had Coal. So until Little Coal goes to his new family, we have Big Coal (Mustang) and Little Coal (Puppy). He is the big guy, the second from the left!!!

*The little girl in the middle, escaped from the igloo today. She is being picked up on Christmas Eve to be a Christmas morning surprise. She will be decked in her new collar & leash, and presented to the kids as they open the top on the box their dad will be holding!

It is only a matter of time when all the puppies will come spilling out of the igloo. TnT are going to make some fencing out of plastic lattice and 1" x 2". This way the puppies can roam a little and Katy can jump in when it is time to feed. Katy's last litter stayed under the rose bush in the back yard. That was during the summer, a foot high board fence set their boundaries.

The little black 'n' white girl is my favorite, she looks the most like Katy. She is the smallest of the puppies. They are all so fat and pudgy, it is kind of hard to see the difference in their sizes. She is not jet black, like Katy, she is brownish black, like Little Coal.


Sheila said...

Oh Janey, this is over the top on the cuteness factor. My son said, "Can we get one?" I said, "Son they are in California." We are working on Dad, but right now isn't the right time for us. I'm glad there are homes and that you are teaching them young.

Thanks for sharing.

Janey Loree said...

Thank you for coming back to see how the puppies are doing! They met me at the door of the igloo this morning and all of them wanted to be petted first...all five were licking my hand!

jan said...

Sooo cute!!! I love that you are socializing them so well and teaching them all the right things.It really is a big responsibility to have to hold them each day, and stroke them, and talk to them. hehe

It looks like Katy is a good mother, they're so fat and sleek.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Jan, The igloo is in the backroom that I have to go through to go to our work shoppe. All I have to do is make myself reach down and pick up an adorably, soft and cuddly puppy!

Summitt For Circuit City's new "FireDog"!

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