Friday, January 19, 2007

Through the grapevine...

Update: Dippy's name has been changed to "Ginger!"

This email came in from Jaime about Little Coal:

"Hi Janey,

Coal is doing great!! He's spoiled rotten, my brother has bought him so many chew toys and plush toys that he doesn't know what to play with first. I have pictures from Christmas.....but they are still in the camera. I'll have to get them downloaded, so I can send them to you. He sleeps in my brother's room at night and gets the run of the house during the day. His two new sisters are finally playing with him and sharing their toys. Coal has figured out he can chase their fannies and get them to run......which is great fun for him! I'll try to get those pictures downloaded soon.
Have a great weekend,

And I received this email shortly after Kodi went to Amber's:

The puppy is doing great. We named her Kodi. The first few nights were rough on her, she cried a lot. She is getting used to it here now and is doing great. She loves to play and eat! Sorry I haven't updated you sooner. She's a cutting dog already. I have a small dog and Kodi loves to nip at her heels and make her run, then she runs in front of her to keep her where she wants her. She does the same kind of thing with my fiance when he plays with her. I am anxious to take her out to my sheep herd. I wonder what she will do. Thank you so much. We just love her! I hope all the other puppies are doing great as well. Take care.

Thanks Jamie and Amber for keeping us informed on how the puppies are doing!! Give them kisses from their Nanny J.

I don't have pictures of the puppies in their new home yet, but I've heard through the grapevine that Little Coal (black male) and Kodi (black female) have made their momma (Katy) proud! And us, too! Over at Coal's house the family cat got outside and would not come back in. Jaime told Coal to go get the wayward cat. He proceeded to round up the cat and brought kitty to the house when he was told! Not to be out done by her brother, Kodi helped round up Amber's sheep! When the small herd got away, Kodi was sent after them. She brought all the stray sheep home! Way to go puppies!!!Now Katy's nest is empty...Dippy has gone to "mom's" house, so that "boyfriend" can give her to his "girlfriend" on Valentine's Day! I hope that "girlfriend" doesn't read this post until after Valentine's Day...I sure do miss seeing Dippy run around the place with the big dogs...

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